burn the Christians, burn the muslims

If the Muslims have the right to burn Christians colony on the controversy of a single boy’s action, then Americans too have the right to bomb Islamic countries making 9/11 a reason.. you are all terrorists…


blogging is like swimming

Today i was thinking about blogging about something and then i realized it has been so long that i haven’t been blogging
after allot thought i realized that
” Blogging is like safely swimming in an unending ocean, the more you swim the more you ways you get, the more you discover”


unfortunately i have been standing at the shore.. worried about the unseen things.. but lets start blogging again.. lets discover more.. 🙂

Thanking God for every of his blessings Always

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”



Thank you, God for everything

The big things and the small,
For “every good gift comes from God,”

The Giver of them all.

And all too often we accept

Without any thanks or praise,

The gifts God sends as blessings

Each day in many ways.

Thank God always



God, I know life isn’t easy
I know enemies around me
I know as well that sooner or later
I will face obstacles in my days
God, people hurt me
God, fate isn’t fair I think
God, why I keep asking why
and God, tears kept falling down in my cheeks every night
I can’t bear it all
I can’t stands still
if You’re not with me, God
all I ever asking is please give strength
when I can’t even stand
please give smile
when I can’t even see
please give me more patient
when I can’t even think
and God…
I thank You that You gave me family
I thank You that You brought me wonderful friends
I thank You that You gave me lesson so I can learned
I thank You that You still guide me
and say “have a little faith, once more… just believe in Me.”
and I thank You, for give this heart as a hard corals
to through all the bad times in my life
thank you, God…


a painting of an ugly face

Ugly Faces | Imagine If you were Ugly!

Have you ever thought? What it would have been like if you were much more Uglier among your people?

This is a question that most of you would never have asked yourself and even now would try to avoid asking yourself!. Nobody would would even want to ask himself or herself such a question considering it useless and weird. But this is an important Question for all those who want know about themselves, the people around and the whole society and its behavior.

a painting of an ugly face

A Painting showing an ugly face

It is a fact that your physical state and appearance has got a lot to do with attitude of the normal people around you and dealing with you, their way of dealing with you, their emotions for you, their attachment to you are very much influenced by the physical appearance of yours.

When we think of our selves we realize that how differently do we deal with people on the differences of looks, especially many sick people totally make the beauty or look as the base of choices for friendship and preferences. So by making urself ugly and imagining other people dealing with you in the way you deal with ugly people can make you realize your mistakes! you would realize that how would the ugly people feel about your ignorance or down grading.

Now let’s imagine you were very ugly, you consider yourself uglier among your friends, your family and all the society around you. If you are smart enough you would easily realize it that what would be the difference of the attitude of those people toward you because, actually your inside know that what are values inside you that inspires and attracts other persons.

By imagining so, you can easily realize the people around you and help you in building your own personality!!

The purpose of writing this piece is not to achieve something very big, but it is to make people think of those people whom we undergrad, neglect and hurt every day!  And also to achieve the understanding of the people around you.

حساس زہرا ہنزائی

ذرا آؤ تو مل کر دوریوں کا وار کرتے ہیں
دغا اور رنجشوں کو ختم، الفت عام کرتے ہیں

محبت اور عقیدت کے ہی پرچم گاڑ کر ہر سو
جہاں میں امن و آشتی کو نہایت عام کرتے ہیں

مذاہب اور سیاست سے ابهی کچه بے نیاز ہو کر
انوکها اک سبق انسانیت کا عام کرتے ہیں

چلو اب اپنے دکه کو بهول کر سوچیں یتیموں کا
اب آؤ ان کو اپنے گهر کے جیسا پیار دیتے ہیں

سسکتے اور بلکتے طفل اور بے آسرا مائیں
اگر مانو تو ہم ان کے بهی تهوڑا کام آتے ہیں

نہ جانے کب سے پیاسی ہیں حساس بستیاں غریبوں کی
کمر باندهو اے ہم وطنو، انهیں سیراب کرتے ہیں

حساس زہرا  ہنزائی

Death of Jagjit Singh | A big shock for the Ghazal fans

Ghazal King Passed away..

Today morning messages started circulating about the death of one of the most famous Ghazal Singer “Jagjit Singh”, it was infact a very big loss in the music industry of Pakistan and India.

death of jagjit singh, sad news

Jagjit singh in his professional style

Jagjit singh, the Ghazal king would be remembered as one of the most legendary ghazal singer, he paved new paths for ghazal and contributed to the revival of Ghazal culture, the Ghazal fans will miss him for ever.

The new said as

“Renowned ghazal singer Jagjit Singh died this morning at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai after he suffered a brain hemorrhage. Mr Singh was 70. Mr Singh’s funeral will take place tomorrow at the Chandanwadi crematorium in Mumbai. He was admitted to hospital on September 23, hours before he was scheduled to perform at a concert in the city. Doctors kept him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) till he died. Reports say he had been on life support for the last few days.”

Read more at: source

Short about the life of Jagjit Singh

By Wikipedia.

Jagjit Singh (February 8, 1941 – October 10, 2011) was an Indian ghazal singer, composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur. Popularly known as “The Ghazal King” he gained acclaim together with his wife, another renowned Indian Ghazal singer Chitra Singh, in the 1970s and 1980s, as the first ever successful duo act (husband-wife) in the history of recorded Indian music. Together, they are considered to be the pioneers of modern ghazal singing and regarded as most successful recording artistes outside the realm of Indian film music. He has sung in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sindhi and Nepali languages. He was awarded India’s third highest civilian honour, the Padma Bhushan, in 2003.

Widely credited for the revival and popularity of Ghazal, an Indian classical art form, by simplifying the complex form of Ghazals in to a more simpler form of Ghazals by amalgamating Ghazal and Geet. His music became popular in mass media through films such as Prem Geet (1981), Arth and Saath Saath (1982), and TV serials Mirza Ghalib (1988) and Kahkashan (1991). Jagjit Singh is considered to be the most popular ghazal singer and composer of all time, in terms of commercial success. With a career spanning over five decades and a repertoire comprising 80 albums the range and breadth of his work has been regarded as genre-defining. He is the only composer and singer to have composed and recorded songs written by Prime Minister – Atal Behari Vajpayee, also a critically acclaimed poet – in two albums, Nayi Disha (1999) and Samvedna (2002). India’s current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur are known to be avid admirers.

Famous Ghazals of jagjit singh

Hosh walun ko Khabar kia Bekhudi kia cheez hai 


Ahh Ko Chahye Ik umr Asar honay tak


Agar ham kahayn or wo muskura dain..

Ek nazar daikh kay ham jan gaye…


Sham se Ankh mai nami si hai


Kis ka Chehra ab mai daikhun tera chehra daikh kar


Tum hamaray nahi to kia gham hai


Kabhi Khamosh baithogay


Hazarun Khwahishay esi ki har Khwahish pay dam niklay mirza ghalib


muu ki baat, neem kay pad


Ahista Ahista


Philosophy of life of Jagjit singh

About his Philosophy of life Jagjit said (read more on source)

“Spirituality is a way of life. It is about dealing with oneself. It helps you look into yourself and analyse things. I believe the answer to all your problems is within you.

I have faith in Higher Power, but I don’t seek it from external sources. I think the power is within you and runs through your body.”