Nawruz Mubarak


Nowruz is one of the ancient celebrations which has survived throughout history and is considered to be a day in which new good things start.

Nowruz is an Ancient Persian new year holiday, celebrated in early spring 20 – 21 March. kurdish and in Middle East and many other countries in Central Asia including Tajikistan,Pakistan and Afghanistan celebrate this event on 21 – 22 March. It is considered to be on of the most important celebrations of Persians.
Local variations

Today, the festival of Nowruz is celebrated in many countries that were territories of, or influenced by, the Persian Empire: Iran, Various Iranian Peoples including Kurds, Afghanistan, parts of the Middle East, as well as in the former Soviet republics of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is also celebrated by the Zoroastrians as well by certain Iranic inhabitants in Pakistan’s Chitral region and Northern Areas. It is also celebrated by the Iranian immigrants from Shiraz in Zanzibar.

Nawruz Celebrations in different countries

Nowruz is celebrated in Greater Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia and by Iranians worldwide. It is a public holiday in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kashmir, and Kyrgyzstan. Also the Canadian parliament by unanimous consent, has passed a bill to add Nowruz to the national calendar of Canada, on March 30, 2009.

In Albania Sultan Nevruz is celebrated as a mainly mystical day by the Bektashi sect, and there are special ceremonies in the Tekke led by the clergy and large meals are served there. They celebrate this day as the birthday of Ali. Also all Albanians celebrate a secular version of Nowruz, called Spring Day. Nowruz is also celebrated by Kurds in Iraq and Turkey as well as by Parsis in the Indian subcontinent.

Other notable celebrations take place by Iranians around the world, such as Los Angeles, Toronto, Cologne and in United Kingdom, mainly in London. But because Los Angeles is prone to devastating fires, there are very strict fire codes in the city. No fires are allowed even on one’s own property. Usually, Iranians living in Southern California go to the beaches to celebrate the event where it is permissible to build fires. On 15 March 2010, The United States House of Representatives passed The Nowruz Resolution “Recognizing the cultural and historical significance of Nowruz, … .”.

In Iran, the Islamic Regime attempted to suppress Nowruz following the Iranian Revolution and was met with very little success. The Ayatollahs considered Nowruz a pagan holiday and a distraction from more important things such as Islamic holidays

In Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban, Nowruz was banned and considered an “ancient pagan holiday centered on fire worship” but until 2001 it came back and now it is as popular as it was before the extremist Taliban.


(BY : Al-Karim Jaffer)

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Chipurson valley through my eyes

We are going through transition every moment and especially in this modern age this transition is much faster.
We need to realize the phases through which our society has passed and understand how to build our future in the best way that it is secure, prosperous and peaceful.
we need to learn from our past, from present and implement it to  our futures, lots of things are there in past which our forefathers had but we are loosing them and loosing them is leading us to a wrong path and similarly there are many things of our forefathers that we have left in order to compete with the world and going in the right direction. So the selection is a very complex issue, that what to leave, what not to leave and what to modify, there is not a defined rule. In order to go in the right directions we need to have very wise decision makers and even in every individual this skill is very much important. Our goal is to go in the proper direction so we need to think of it and take this transition in such a direction that still we live with our enriched culture in modern world and become an example to the world.


When we go back to the history of our valley we find that our forefathers are recent immigrant from different areas of the surrounding regions and vast majority of it is from different villages of Gojal like Gulmit, Gulkin, Hussaini and Passu etc, and the rest of population have roots from Wakhan corridor but the both the portions of the population are almost same in many aspects, so we can take them as one when studying the cultural part of our history.
The soul of our culture that we have inherited from our forefathers is based mutualism meaning that they we do not live as individuals but we live as a society, working not for ourselves but for our society and taking the benifits from the society, the biggest edge of this kind of living is that there is a great stability in the society and in every shareholders life and there is always an equality,….
the economic conditions which our forefathers were having were worst and we can not even imagine about it, the only source of living was through very poor quality agriculture and livestock but still even in such conditions they were living lives like kings, life with full of happiness and joy, although they had not the tasty foods to eat that we eat but they enjoyed their simple natural food much more than us, they did not have the exotic facility that we have but still they enjoyed their lives much more than we do.

The second Important thing about our culture is the respect that our forefathers had for each other in the society, and this respect was the key that was running all the perfect coordination between them and was successful running the society with peace. The hearts of the people were clean of hatred, jealousy and bad thoughts for others and it was mutual between every person, this is why they had such respect for one another.

The secret behind their lives was thier selflessness for wealth and fame, for them life was just a life but today for us life is to get money and fame and all in searching for this we finish our lives.
In this modern world living without searching for this is not possible too so we again the point is that we need to find the right way to deal with it. now lets realize what we are doing in current time as a whole..

PRESENT.. where are we going??