A simple but Eye Opening Comparison

A Simple but Eye Opening Comparison.

The march 11th earth Quake One of the most powerful earthquake, measured at a magnitude of 9.0, and a tsunami brought enormous losses to Japan and damaged the whole infrastructure and it more or less wiped out large areas along the northeastern coast of Japan. But the way Japan responded to this disaster proved that yes the real nations in today’s world can withstand even such huge disasters and damages, the example to share and compare here is about an important road that was totally damaged but after only 6 days the road was again reconstructed and was present there as it was before, According to the American standards a road can be constructed in a minimum time of 3 months but what the Japanese did was really extraordinary.

Work began on March 17 and six days later the cratered section of the Great Kanto Highway in Naka was as good as new. It was ready to re-open to traffic on 23rd march. This astonishing speed of reconstruction is being used to highlight the nation’s ability to get back on its feet.

On the other hand it has been a year and three months for the deadly Attabad landslide that dammed the Hunza river and immersed some of the most important areas of Gojal, it cut down the KKH which is the trade route between Pakistan and china, it shutted down the trade for more than one year and life went miserable in the whole region.

Even after such a long period of time still no one is sure that will the dam be opened or not, when will the dam be opened and how will the transportation problems be resolved. It has been a year and 3 months and still we don’t have the answers,

our Government takes 6 days to listen about such an incident and they take 6 days to settle back the things, we take 6 months to decide about a failing plan to resolve the problem and this shows where do we stand and how much abilities do we have, we need to realize our position and struggle to get where developed nations stand and Inshallah we will be there one day.

“People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want.”
Paulo Coelho


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