Brad Sander’s first try to glide to Chipurson Valley

Chapursan – first try East to West

by Brad Sander

The Chapursan valley is a place I’ve wanted to visit for a few years. Recently at the internet cafe in Hunza I met a man from this valley and since then things fell into place for a trip there. Alam Jan Dario was featured in Greg Mortenson’s book “Three Cups of Tea” If  you haven’t read it it’s a great story about one man’s mission to make a difference by providing education in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Around the corner from Hunza near Passu, Addict 2 with Batura Glacier. Flying with Oriol (Spain) and Brendan (Scotland). Brendan just arrived, it’s his second day flying in Pakistan.

First view to Chipurson

Chapursan valley on the left. The wind is blowing 30 km in the valley, the question… which direction? Answer- downvalley. I knew this would be the case based on Phillipe Nodet’s experience and talking with Alam Jan, I just didn’t expect it to extend this far from the glaciers at the head of the Valley. We land 10km short of goal and don’t get to meet with Alam….

Kirmin Chipurson

Read more and see more pictures..


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