the stranger i met

The Stranger [ ~ Chapters of my life ~ ]

Chapter of my life, My learnig experiences from people

An Important person whom i met, then helped, liked, disliked and then seperated.

This was a unique chapter in my life and an impotant one that made me learn about relations, trust and expectations.the stranger i met

I didn’t even know about you till some one told me about you when i was in university, your definition made me feel that you were some one important and interesting but i thought there is no chance to know about you personaly and talk to you.

But one day when i found you, it came to my mind that yes you were the one i had heard about so i made an attempt to get your concideration, which failed when you ignored me, that was not surprising though because i had it already in my mind but i tried to attempt.

Next time when i met you, there was a condition that we had to speak alot about one another and argue against, but that was not too much serious rather it was just for fun and that is where i got your attention for the first time i guess. following this we had many other discussions some times serious and some times non serious. Some times in favour of each other and some times against, but it was all for fun in fact. there was nothing personal in between us.

I was never in a mood to make any sort of personal relation concider your first ignorance, but one day you came to me yourself with out any proper reason and tried to talk to me something personal, you then came with a very serious problem of yours that i think no one can discuss with some one whom he/she does not trust. It surprized me that why were you discussing all that to me with out even having a much knowledge to me, I think you really trusted me that time when i recall all that you discussed and the way you discussed, I helped you open heartedly as being a very closed friend of yours i remember you yourself thanked me so much and said it your self that how much important i was in solving your difficulties, with time we started discussing many other personal issues that brought us much more close that i can concider being very closed and trusted friends.

But one day it was a mistake of mine i think that i putted a controvercial issue between us, the purpose was not to spoil our relation rather it was to improve it and give it a new direction. It was a mistake because i did not even think much of how much i knew you and what were really your thoughts about me, but after putting that issue between i felt you starting disliking me or even hating me. It made my heart draged down so i paused and the starting observing what you really were.

My observations showed that you were really intelligent but there were few problems that i now concider were the roots of your previous issues, it was that you were so much sinked in the fake and poisoness colours of this world that you did not even concider what were you worth, what were your realities and what was your purpose of life, i saw that you were seeking attention of those which you didn’t need at all and simply you were astrayed. I felt that i was wrong in the way i understood you, till that time nothing had damaged between us visibly , i dont really know what was in your heart but i felt you had turned against me. I did not decide to get aside of the issue and leave you rather i thought it would be better to show you how much important you were and what you should really do, so i started the task and every time i discussed any thing with you my purpose was always to bring you to think about your real life and the people for whom you were made and for whom you had to think and almost all the time you ignored, i did not stop and continued to a level where i felt i was wasting my time so that is when i removed the issue by saying sorry and concidering that i was wrong and for no surprize of mine you accepted my opology. But still i wished that may you find the right track and was still ready to help you any where i could because i concidered you a friend because we had so many things shared between us.

But it was also right that my heart was broken due to your behaviour and one day when you were discussing something and i didnt like all what you were saying because i did not feel you were right i directly told you what was wrong with you and in many other words i indirectly mentioned how were the closed people around you wrong, I was not too much serious though, the purpose was to irritate you too. You did not bear it because there were many things inside it which were insulting for you and i admit that i was wrong and you left me saying you will never talk to me again.

I didn’t disturb you for a period because i thought let the heat of anger inside you cool and then one day i tried to opologize again in a friendly manner, i acted in a way that nothing had happened but your response was much more furious, may be it was because i putted my self down so you thought of your self as a master and tried to kick me in that way, and i will never forget your last words ,,,,

“Don’t try to be my best friend or friend coz you are not… I am sorry but it is true.. I don’t know you that much… nor do you. I am no one for you,,,,  I think it is more than enough.”

after this all happening still i pray that may God show you the right path and may you really be some one which you are made for and may one day you understand you are the most important person for your self and for every thing around you. I dont care you hate me or like me but still i wish you best of luck.

you were an important chapter of my life, you made me learn alot of my mistakes, a lot about you, your behavious and most importantly about the people around me. I will never forget you.


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