a peaceful natureal scene in pakistan

Morning Picture from Pakistan

A peaceful morning in Pakistan

I got this Shot when i was on my way to Gilgit from Islambad in july 2011. It was very early in the morning and the atmosphere was cool and too much fresh. Enjoy the natural scene in the pic, download the picture and use it any where you want.. Its free..

a peaceful natureal scene in pakistan

A picture of early morning in Northern pakistan

pictures of pakistan

pakistan is a country with diverse landscape, you will find mountains, hills, deserts, plains and see etc. every colour combine to give pakistan a very unique look

peace and Pakistan

pakistan is mostly perceived as a very dangerous country for tourists due to the terrorism but in reality there are only few corners in pakistan where the situation is worst, but the top tourist destinations are very much safe. Especially the northern pakistan having the famous Rakaposhi, K2, hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan is still the same heaven for tourists, uptill now the terrorists have never been able to even enter the region. so dont worry come and visit Pakistan.
windows backgrounds and wallpaper, natural wallpaperpakistani wall paper


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