I am going alone | Journey of Peace

way to peaceNo matter how many times you ditch me,

no matter any one supports me or not,

no matter you like it or not, but i am going…..

Going to the path of “Real PEACE”..

I am going…
going alone..

not alone indeed..
[God is with me]

beauty of chipurson

The Exuberant Green Rashit [Photography]

The clear atmosphere, makes every thing so clear and visible.

beauty of chipurson

A scenic view of Goze in Rashit

Clear blue sky with luxurious soft clouds, vast green fields, dry huge mountains and fully shining sunlight makes you love photography.
Location: Reshit Chipurson Gojal in Upper Hunza region.
July 2011

early morning Clear sky welcomes you

When the Mountains start appearing, i feel like home.

Gilgit Welcomes you in its own unique enigmatic fashion

Moving from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Gilgit by the KKH, the transition is really interesting and when you get closer to Gilgit the Mountains have raised to a great level, the mountains are dry with snow cap peaks appearing behind them, and rarely you can also find views of Glaciers too. But gilgit really has an enigmatic beauty and taste that rarely people can get and enjoy!!

early morning Clear sky welcomes you

Its early morning and I am about to reach Gilgit

Some of the labours are visible in the darkness who have just settled for works. This picture can tell you a lot about the attraction in Gilgit.