About me


Abid Karim Tashi


Chipurson Gojal Hunza


student yet..

BE Civil Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technolog Islamabad
Studied for five years in  AKHSS Gilgit.


Arts like Sketching, Painting, 3d designing any sort of.

Religious Views

Enlightenment, Love Sufism, Love Moula Ali A.S





7 comments on “About me

  1. Dear A, karim
    I red your article Chipursan valley through my Eyes.
    I am very happy about your topic and expressions of social and culture values past, present and where we want to be.
    more then that I feel proud, about the awakening thought from chipursanic youths.
    from last 3 years about 5 or 6 very talented boys from the valley have goen for professional and higher study.
    this gives us some courage and hope, from a very remote valley youths are competing with rest of the country.
    My Best whishes are with you for your success, success &success Amen
    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia

  2. Hey Tashi great stuff man, I would like to visit your area once i start good earning. The things seem quite different from the way they are interpreted here.
    Good maintainance of blog and best of luck ahead

    • Yeah you are right Rayen, the things are totally different here in Gilgit and particularly in our Hunza parts, the people will welcome you. Best of luck to you too, i hope you make lots of money soon.. 😀

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