Welcome 2012 | Happy New Year

Happy New Year

pictured at Qallha Rashit

 The only way to spend New Year’s Eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel.  Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears.  ~W.H. Auden

Happy New Year to every one of you.

Kill bridge Gojal Chipurson Hunza

The Bridge and Landscape in Kill | Photography

Kill bridge Gojal Chipurson Hunza

The Landscape

Suspension Bridge over Chipurson River at kill, that joins the newly developed land and settlement to the Kill village and the chipurson Road. The Focus is the Landscape.

beauty of chipurson

The Exuberant Green Rashit [Photography]

The clear atmosphere, makes every thing so clear and visible.

beauty of chipurson

A scenic view of Goze in Rashit

Clear blue sky with luxurious soft clouds, vast green fields, dry huge mountains and fully shining sunlight makes you love photography.
Location: Reshit Chipurson Gojal in Upper Hunza region.
July 2011

early morning Clear sky welcomes you

When the Mountains start appearing, i feel like home.

Gilgit Welcomes you in its own unique enigmatic fashion

Moving from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Gilgit by the KKH, the transition is really interesting and when you get closer to Gilgit the Mountains have raised to a great level, the mountains are dry with snow cap peaks appearing behind them, and rarely you can also find views of Glaciers too. But gilgit really has an enigmatic beauty and taste that rarely people can get and enjoy!!

early morning Clear sky welcomes you

Its early morning and I am about to reach Gilgit

Some of the labours are visible in the darkness who have just settled for works. This picture can tell you a lot about the attraction in Gilgit.

a peaceful natureal scene in pakistan

Morning Picture from Pakistan

A peaceful morning in Pakistan

I got this Shot when i was on my way to Gilgit from Islambad in july 2011. It was very early in the morning and the atmosphere was cool and too much fresh. Enjoy the natural scene in the pic, download the picture and use it any where you want.. Its free..

a peaceful natureal scene in pakistan

A picture of early morning in Northern pakistan

pictures of pakistan

pakistan is a country with diverse landscape, you will find mountains, hills, deserts, plains and see etc. every colour combine to give pakistan a very unique look

peace and Pakistan

pakistan is mostly perceived as a very dangerous country for tourists due to the terrorism but in reality there are only few corners in pakistan where the situation is worst, but the top tourist destinations are very much safe. Especially the northern pakistan having the famous Rakaposhi, K2, hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan is still the same heaven for tourists, uptill now the terrorists have never been able to even enter the region. so dont worry come and visit Pakistan.
windows backgrounds and wallpaper, natural wallpaperpakistani wall paper

picture of a very beautiful flower

Colours of Chipurson Gojal | A beautiful wallpaper for you

A Picture in Upper Hunza

This superb shot was taken in

Rashit Chipurson Gojal

in jully 2011. the combination of the landscape, the clear sky, the absolute clean atmosphere and obove all the live colours of the flower, fields and mountains make it a master piece.

picture of a very beautiful flower

The alive colours of chipurson

This Picture will make you feel like alive .. click the picture, save it and use it.. I hope you all like it.

The Civilized People of Gojal Hunza dancing in paradise

[Photography] My Wakhi Culture.. a Civilized Culture!!

The Civilized People of Gojal Hunza dancing in paradise
The Civilized Wakhi People of Gojal Hunza dancing in paradise while a merriage ceremoney

 Photo by: Abid Tashi

14th July 2011
Noor Abad Kirmin Chipurson Gojal Hunza
(please click and see enlarged)

If you dont believe you can come and watch it with your own eyes

if you want to learn how to


come and ask a shupun
if you want to know

how to sit

come and learn from a shupun
If you want to know how to


come and visit shupuns..
If you want to know how to be


come and see the shupuns…
Shupunz are the people living in paradise!! so lucky we are!!! 🙂

Shupun means Shepherds in wakhi language

and it refers to the wakhi people whoz lives had been associated with cattles and they were the best shepherd live in the

Mountains around Wakhan and spent lives as nomades.

Shupuns also refers to the very basic principal of Wakhi people that is

“Caring for each other mutually “

and on this principal every thing in a wakhi society is still set, So the wakhi people will be known as Shupuns till the time they sustain this very beautiful feature of their culture inside it. I pray it remains there forever.