My Chipurson Valley.. The valley of peace



The First look for an unknown to Chipurson Valley

A Distant valley of Hunza that raises from3000 to 4925 meters high above sea level and 72 kilometers in length along a narrow jeep road from the Karakoram Highway To Baba Ghundi (Shrine) In Pakistan Northern Areas. It starts from Sost and ends on the Irshad Pass which links Pakistan to Afghanistan via the Wakhan Corridor. It’s around a 4 hour jeep ride from Sost to Baba Ghundi Ziarat (the tomb of an ancient saint who is said to come from Ghund a place in north of Afghanistan ). Though the valley is very narrow, it’s still extremely interesting for tourists because of its high mountains, historical places and mysterious stories. Tourists come to visit special historical places and natural landscapes situated in the valley at different spots.

The valley of dragons and saints.

Chipurson Valley, The valley of dragons and saints.

Leaving Sost (Pakistan China border trade centre), the road crosses a bridge on the KKH and turns to the left on the first non metallic link road into the high mountains. Then Starts the journey to the Valley of Saints and dragons.

Welcome to the journey.





So here we go with the journey,

The Road to Chipurson

road to Chipurson Valley Gojal

road to Chipurson Valley Gojal

The Road to Chipurson is one of the most difficult and dangerous roads in GB, leaving the KKH after Sost bridge we turn to the opposite side on a jeepable road, the road is very much narrow, cutting through the rocks and taking very vulnerable turns on extreme heights. A little mistake while driving on the road can cause death of people. It feels more like flying in the sky in a helicopter but the continous jumps make it truely horrifying and especially those who are riding on this road for the first time must prepare their hearts before the journey starts. (read more……)



History of Chipurson

The history of chipurson is one of the oldest in GB. The story of Dragons and saints has made it important.

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