a painting of an ugly face

Ugly Faces | Imagine If you were Ugly!

Have you ever thought? What it would have been like if you were much more Uglier among your people?

This is a question that most of you would never have asked yourself and even now would try to avoid asking yourself!. Nobody would would even want to ask himself or herself such a question considering it useless and weird. But this is an important Question for all those who want know about themselves, the people around and the whole society and its behavior.

a painting of an ugly face

A Painting showing an ugly face

It is a fact that your physical state and appearance has got a lot to do with attitude of the normal people around you and dealing with you, their way of dealing with you, their emotions for you, their attachment to you are very much influenced by the physical appearance of yours.

When we think of our selves we realize that how differently do we deal with people on the differences of looks, especially many sick people totally make the beauty or look as the base of choices for friendship and preferences. So by making urself ugly and imagining other people dealing with you in the way you deal with ugly people can make you realize your mistakes! you would realize that how would the ugly people feel about your ignorance or down grading.

Now let’s imagine you were very ugly, you consider yourself uglier among your friends, your family and all the society around you. If you are smart enough you would easily realize it that what would be the difference of the attitude of those people toward you because, actually your inside know that what are values inside you that inspires and attracts other persons.

By imagining so, you can easily realize the people around you and help you in building your own personality!!

The purpose of writing this piece is not to achieve something very big, but it is to make people think of those people whom we undergrad, neglect and hurt every day!  And also to achieve the understanding of the people around you.